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Now that we’ve explored the four issues (Problem, Reaction, Their Plan, and Our Solution), this category will take you “down the rabbit hole” even deeper, if you choose to go. After learning what you have about how useless any “stats” really are at this point in time, you may want to skip this. But for the people that still believe the number of cases, deaths, etc. are valid, this is still good information and may be information you want to share with others.

CCC does not get into the political aspects of this subject. Even though much of the so-called pandemic is politically-charged, we at CCC, believe corruption is rampant on both sides and debating the politics will not get us where we want to go. 

The rest of the resources are truly commendable people and movements that want the best for us as a country. They want their America back. I encourage you to check them out.

MAFA (Make America Free Again) movement has partnered with Iowa (and other states). Check them out here Make Americans Free Again (MAFA)

The Highwire show with Del Bigtree is at the top of the list to help you stay informed. Check the show out here The Highwire weekly show

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