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We all know what reactions came about after the PROBLEM. In March of 2020, our world turned upside down. We heard phrases that we never heard before like “social distancing.” We heard that some businesses were considered “non-essential.” Hummmmm, was a phase in many of our minds.

Remember when it started with, “Oh we can all do this for a few weeks – until we flatten the curve.”  Then we heard, “wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.” Next, we were told to,“wear gloves, wear a mask, and social distance.” Dr. Fauci even suggested we wear goggles but that never did catch on.

As far as wearing masks, they flip-flopped sooooo many times. SEE Masking.

Short Mask Timeline > >
Feb: we were told by the Surgeon General NOT to wear a mask because they’re not effective.
March: reusing masks may increase your risk. The virus can get trapped.
March: WHO conference – no specific evidence to wear a mask. Surgeon General – you can increase your risk by wearing a mask.
April: CDC – masks ineffective.
May: Dr. Fauci > don’t wear a mask. (video has disappeared)

We remember in April a social media survey went out,
asking people if they thought we’d still have the same restrictions come June. Most people said no but many said yes. Here we are in February 2021, close to the one-year mark and it’s only gotten worse, not better.

WE CONSTANTLY GOT MIXED MESSAGES >> as the so-called experts changed their minds every week! And they still do! Watching videos of these experts contradict themselves makes your head spin.

Then we hear how the vaccine would be our answer. Now, we hear that we’ll still have to mask up even after the vaccine. And then we hear we will need ‘two’ vaccines. Then we heard ‘three’ masks are even better Now guess what? The virus has mutated, there is a new and contagious variant and it is MORE dangerous! Now there are even more variants and they’re more contagious than the last. To top it all off, Bill Gates has even said we won’t be out of the woods until after 2022. This is the “new normal.”

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