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Conspiracy theories have circled the population for a long time. We all wonder whether they will come true. We don’t want to be called a “conspiracy theorist” but … HELLO … so many of these theories ARE coming true. Many of them are now out in the open, like the Great Reset.

When we watch mainstream media we realize they are not telling us these things. Hummmmm…..We see things for ourselves, we listen to our guts, we use our common sense, we check out the facts, we start reading the science. WE KNOW things are not right. No one person can know it all or have all the answers but we can safely say no American today feels safe and confident in their lives.

One thing is pretty certain, they want us to stand in line in so many ways, especially to stand in line for vaccines…

First Come, First Served: Class I Manufacturers Stand In Line For EU MDR Certification - Medical Product Outsourcing

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